Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation Procedure in San Diego

What is Ridge Augmentation?

Ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the natural contour of your gums and jawbone. It involves grafting bone or tissue onto the affected area to rebuild the ridge, which is the bony structure that supports your teeth. The procedure can be done using various materials, including your own bone, donor bone, or synthetic materials.

Why You May Need Ridge Augmentation

If you have lost one or more teeth or have experienced gum disease, you may have a ridge that is too thin or too short to support a dental implant or bridge. This can lead to further problems such as shifting teeth or bite misalignment. Ridge augmentation can help to rebuild the ridge to the appropriate size, shape, and density, allowing for successful implant placement and improved aesthetics.

Types of Ridge Augmentation Procedures

There are two main types of ridge augmentation procedures:

  • Socket (ridge) preservation and lateral ridge augmentation. Socket preservation is done immediately after tooth extraction to prevent bone loss and preserve the natural contour of the ridge. It involves filling the socket with a bone graft material and placing a membrane over the graft to promote healing.
  • Lateral ridge augmentation is done when the ridge is too narrow or thin to support an implant. It involves making an incision in the gum tissue and adding a bone graft material to the ridge, then closing the incision with sutures. SMART bone grafting is a technique used for lateral ridge augmentation around edentulous sites or around implants.

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