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Pinhole Surgical Technique For Gum Recession in San Diego

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® is a less invasive way to treat gum recession that requires no scalpel and no sutures. Through a small hole made by a needle, we utilize specially designed instruments to gently loosen the gum tissue and glide it over the receded part of the tooth. Since there is no cutting or stitching, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (pain, swelling, bleeding). I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the instant cosmetic improvement.

Gum recession is a serious issue that negatively affects people in a variety of ways. Many people experience increased sensitivity, loss of gum attachment, mobile teeth, and an unsightly cosmetic appearance (long teeth, black triangles) as a result of receding gums. Research shows that over 50% of Americans suffer from some form of gum recession and 70% of those individuals are over the age of 60. Needless to say, gum recession is an increasingly prevalent problem in America today. The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique®offers an exciting breakthrough in the treatment of gum recession. Traditional treatment, though effective, involves gum grafting procedures which can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. This new restorative method is scalpel- and suture-free, and results in minimal discomfort to the patient.

If you suffer from receding gums due to periodontal disease, aggressive brushing habits, or chronic teeth grinding, and would like to explore how this minimally invasive technique can benefit you, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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