Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided Tissue Regeneration Procedure in San Diego

Guided tissue regeneration helps the body to regenerate lost bone. The tooth is like a tree and the bone is like the soil that provides the foundation. When gum disease is present, this supporting tissue and bone are destroyed and pockets in between the teeth and gums develop. Eventually, if too much bone is lost as a result of gum disease, the tooth will likely need to be extracted. By repairing the damage caused by gum disease, this procedure will increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth by preventing further bone loss and will decrease the odds of serious health problems associated with gum disease.

The placement of dental implants may also generate the need for guided tissue regeneration. An implant requires a sufficient amount of bone for support. For those patients that would benefit from replacing missing teeth with dental implants, guided tissue regeneration may first be recommended by your doctor so that the bony ridge can be preserved or even developed for future implant placement.

When a fixed bridge is placed, the bone under the pontic, or middle portion of the bridge where the tooth has been lost has a tendency to sink and can affect the overall facial structure. Guided tissue regeneration can be used to repair the esthetics of the bone under the bridge, adding support for the facial structures to remain in attractive form.

If you have lost bone due to missing teeth or gum disease, Dr. Kwok can perform a guided tissue graft to regrow lost bone around teeth, to provide support for dental implants, or to improve the esthetics beneath a fixed bridge. Call us today for your consultation.

GTR before and after