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    A dental implant is a substitute, or replacement, tooth root which provides a stable and permanent foundation for a replacement crown.

    Implants are a treatment option for patients who require single or multiple tooth replacement or who currently have uncomfortable/problematic dentures or bridges. They can help restore almost anyone’s smile even if natural teeth have been lost to injury or disease.

    Implants are very durable with a lifetime of many years and require the same “maintenance” as real teeth including brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.

    Following is a list of the benefits/advantages of implant therapy:

    • Virtually stops the bone resorption process.
    • Restores mouth to a natural state.
    • Look, feel and function of natural teeth.
    • Does not compromise adjacent teeth.
    • Increased stability.
    • Eliminates pain of dentures and partials.
    • Improved appearance.
    • Improved ability to bite and chew.